Max Quick 3: The Bane of the Bondsman

It's ALMOST done.  I am now in line edits -- and have one more chapter to do some serious surgery on -- and then a few continuity issues I need to deal with.  But we really are inches away.   

In the meantime, a few surprises!  First, this will be the first Max Quick book to contain a MAP, like all good fantasy books should have -- however this map is of a place called Camp Griswold, which is a place for the 'Bondsman's Young Explorers' (think of another nefarious youth outfit from actual history and you'll get the picture) ... the camp figures heavily in the plot.  Second, there is a Planet Furious song in this book which is also a plot device (thematically, think of the song as a protest against the Bondsman's regime) -- you can see the map and listen to the song below.

I apologize for all the delays on this but I *have* to get it right for you all -- and I really am close and just want to shine it up just a bit more before letting it out there.  We are within weeks away now from release to you all, not months or years.   

Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 8.50.41 AM.png