Max Quick: The Two Travelers (Max Quick #2) Now Available + Max Quick 3 News

First order of business: Max Quick: The Two Travelers (Max Quick #2) is now available in ebook format on the Kindle, the Nook and in the Apple iBookstore (for iPad and iPhone).  More ebook platforms available shortly, as well as paperback and hardcover editions.  This book is nearly four times as long as Max Quick: The Pocket and the Pendant (180,000 words versus 55,000 words), so there's a lot to keep you busy :)

Second, I am working on Max Quick: The Bane of the Bondsman diligently again.  I'm writing no other books -- no Age of Aether 2 or Armand Ptolemy 2 -- until Max Quick 3 is done.  I am shooting for the first draft to be complete by end of 2012, publication early in 2013.   Every night and weekend I can spare I'm working on this, promise, know you all have been patient. 

Buy Max Quick: The Two Travelers here:

Kindle Version

Kobo Version

iBookstore Version (iPad and iPhone)