First 12 Days of Max Quick + MQ iPhone App!

Well it's been a crazy 12 days since the release of MAX QUICK: THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT.  People are sending me pictures of themselves with the book (and please keep them coming! mark.jeffrey at gmail dot com), a couple of them are to the left. 

I've done a book blog tour and have posts in several places around the web, I will post a comprehensive list in a few days.  I talk about the 'road to publishing' and many other facets of the novel.  The trick was writing something different and special for each book blog.  If you Google my name, you'll see some of the interviews and guest posts pop up.  Think of it as a scavenger hunt! :)

So now onto the big question: HOW IS THE BOOK SELLING?

Well, so far, it's selling really well!  How well?  I don't know yet.  It's not easy to pull that info together.  I'm told it takes a good two months to really know that.  It was a solid first two weeks, I do know that.  And I have all of you to thank for that. 

On the other hand, it's not on the NY Times Bestseller's list yet either. That much I'm sure of.  But then, I didn't expect it to be.  Not THAT fast.  This kind of book takes time for people to discover it and for word of mouth and word of mouse to drive sales.  It took Harry Potter a good year to reach the list.  

So please, a few things:  If you haven't posted a review on Amazon, please do.  Reviews help a LOT. That goes for Goodreads as well.

And if you enjoyed the book, please do tell your friends about it, in real life and online.  Facebook it, Tweet about it. 

(Look at it this way: the sooner this book starts selling well, the sooner Book 2 and Book 3 can be off my computer and in your hands! :)

Last, THANK YOU once again for Likeing it, buying it, all that.  I do really and truly appreciate it, and every bit does make a difference -- I can tell you that for sure sitting where I am.  All that 'every vote counts' thing?  I understand it a LOT better now. ;)

Ok!  Now onto the NEXT bit of fun -- we've released the OFFICIAL MAX QUICK iPHONE APP! Here's a screeny screenshot snappy snap thing:

So what comes with this new and wonderful toy?

- Planet Furious songs!  Yes you heard me!  And now you can actually hear an original Planet Furious song played by the band -- both 'in studio' and unplugged versions!

- Planet Furious 'Backstage Pass' -- take a picture of yourself and make a badge to get all area access to any PF concert!

- Special Wallpaper with the Max Quick logo, the Planet Furious logo and the Serpents & Mermaids logo!

- Quick soundbites of characters from the book speaking some of their most recognizable dialogue read by a master audiobook actor (That would be me, actually ;) ) 

- Other surprises you'll have to download to see

So click to get it now!

Thanks once again for your support.  Can't thank you enough.

- Mark