A Tale of Two Letters: Max Quick In England and Iraq

This past week I received two pretty amazing letters (well, one letter and series of tweets).  The first was from 10 year old Jake Ball, who read the new HarperCollins version of MAX QUICK: THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT in a single night (!).  He's kindly given me permission to post it, so here it is:

Now that was a pretty awesome letter to get as an author.  :) And I must say, exceptionally well-written for a 10 yr old!

Which brings my to the next bit of communication from last week: a US solidier tweeted to me that the Max Quick books 'helped get him through his deployment in Iraq'.  Um.  Wow. 

Here are some screenshots of the conversation:

@Ninjatrainer went on to tell me that 'the books are quite popular in Iraq' with Iraqis and soldiers (!).  He also told me he was going to arrange to have some pictures of the book in Iraq taken and sent to me -- and I will be certain to post them when I get them.  (And just for clarification -- this is the 'vintage' self-published version of 'Pocket' they have over there, not the HarperCollins version).

Anyway: heartfelt thanks to both Jake and @Ninjatrainer for reaching out -- makes all the hard work that goes into these books very, very worth it!!!!

- Mark

ADDENDUM: Here are two *really* nice recent reviews from Goodreads from the most excellent and fabulous author Sarah-Jane Stratford, author of THE MIDNIGHT GUARDIAN (which I am reading presently!! :) ) and Erin who was formerly a reader for Sony Pictures (meaning: she's read a *lot* of stuff and generally knows what would make a good movie and what wouldn't ... her review carries what we would call 'gravitas' :) )  Both are reviews of the new HarperCollins edition of 'Pocket':