Praise for “Max Quick Book One: The Pocket and the Pendant” :


“Jeffrey skillfully infuses the story with authentic historical context, and then thrusts this narrative into the future by introducing aliens, time travel and massive gems with the power to stop time and minds – a difficult task indeed, but one that he successfully accomplishes.”

“Driven – and driven well – by good old-fashioned sci-fi storytelling.”  -- Kirkus Reviews

“…it doesn't take long before the characters drag you hurtling into an inextricable web of metaphyics, time-travel, paranormal powers and Sumerian mythos. The plot is riveting, and holds you tight while these crazy concepts fly at your face -- it's like Albert Einstein pounding data into your skull, and you like it so much you say "thank you sir, may I have another!" The Pocket is NOT what you expect, no matter WHAT you expect. Buy it. Read it. It's just that simple.”

Scott Sigler, Author of “INFECTED" and "Earthcore"

“…few people have jammed as much imagination in a 212-page book as Mark Jeffrey has in ‘The Pocket and the Pendant’.”

Lawrence Bernabo, Top 10 Reviewer

“Even adults will be fascinated by the theories in this tale. Author Mark Jeffrey has done a masterful job of blending facts and theories together smoothly for an amazing story that readers will find utterly delightful. Very well done indeed!”

Detra Fitch / Huntress Reviews, Top 500 Reviewer

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Praise for Max Quick Book Two: The Two Travelers

Five quiet years have passed in Starland, California since the the time of the Pocket. But when a crazed old man shows up with a warning, Max, Casey, Ian and Sasha suddenly find themselves on the run. Max and Ian go through an Arch back to 1912, where a mysterious Machine is under construction that seems connected to Max’s unremembered secret. Meanwhile, Casey and Sasha follow the old man to the strange town of Arturo Gyp.

But there is more afoot than meets the eye: the enemies of Mr. E - the nefarious Archons - are abroad. And when Max is at last eye-to-eye with his secret, he realizes nothing will ever be the same again...

"As good as I thought the first book was, this book is even better. Many authors have that quality first book, then in their follow on, the quality declines as they grasp for plots to extend the story or start blathering on about their personal preferences for love, life, food choices, political beliefs and all other what not. Mark doesn't.

Instead, this story puts it's foot on the throttle in chapter one, then brings you on a careening, edge of the seat ride right till the very end. A brilliant job of giving you enough information to guess where you may be going, and then providing surprises that take you to places you never thought you'd go. Great answers to questions from book one - and by the end - you'll have plenty of new questions that will leave you waiting for book three!"

-- Review


25 Sep 2007


Saul Marquez

"Mark Jeffrey's characters have evolved enormously in the second and long anticipated novel of the Max Quick Series. The story gets deeper and deeper with every chapter, making it an amazing sequel to the first book, The Pocket and the Pendant.

Quite honestly, this book has put Mark Jeffrey near the top of my favorite authors of all time along with Stephenie Meyer, Chris Paolini, and the amazing Jo Rowling."


By: Saul Marquez

Two Words to describe the Two Travelers: Simply. Amazing. I've already read through the book, but I was equally excited when I learned that the podiobook was coming. I literally counted down to the days and the day it came it, the first thing I did was download these episodes. So far - based on the podiobook performance and the bit that has been released - I have never listened to a better audio book. Mark Jeffrey's skill in story telling doesn't just leave the reader listening, but it has the reader using all of his five senses to paint a vivid and amazing picture. The Two Travelers is a must-download for all of those podcast fans out there, and I'm eagerly awaiting the next episode! :D

By: Keikomushi

When something is good then there will be a trickle-on affect as people spread the world, and Max Quick is no different. If you thought the first book was good, then you won't be disappointed because this puppy is already shaping up to be an exciting read/listen. This book is a must-subscribe, but if you aren't caught up then be sure to listen to the first book before you get to this one. And if you like it spread the news, buy a print copy, and if you are able to then donate.

By: Fuschia

OMG! We have waited SO LONG for another Max Quick book after The Pocket and the Pendent. I am so excited!!!!!! This is the only thing other than Potter that I like like this. Hooray!!!

"Just finished this after re-reading The Pocket and the Pendant ... WOW. This book swallows the first book whole! The leaps from Pocket to Travelers is like the leap from the The Hobbit to Fellowship of the Ring -- it has the same characters, but a much bigger and expanded world and stakes. The writing is much better in this book as well, Mr. Jeffrey has learned a lot since his first outing. He managed to touch on every theme and idea I have an interest in once again, a very philosophical boo

k.  AWESOME BOOK!! Two thumbs up!!!"

-- Review



"Mind-boggling creativity…The invented mythology that fuels the plot of this book, a blend of Sumerian, Egyptian, Greek, Roman and many others that I'm sure I missed, was absolute genius. Upon reaching the portion of the book where the backstory was told (think of Frodo arriving at Rivendell and everyone sharing their stories, particularly Gandalf), I became hooked.”

T Burger, Top 1000 Reviewer


Other Reviews:

“A powerful thrilling read that brings you back and forth through scientific theory, childhood, and the meaning of the universe.”

“I've read a good deal of fiction books in my time, but nothing quite like this one. The mixing of ideas from all genres was just brilliantly done.”

“Jeffrey manages to throw down novel idea after novel idea…”

“Mark Jeffrey's book (the first in a planned series), has enough twists and turns to keep you flipping the pages and enough satisfying surprises to elicit a sigh of satisfaction at the end.”

“…young Mr. Quick may give a certain spectacled boy with a lightning scar on his forehead a run for his money.”

“Next, best step for the Phillip Pullman/Harry Potter set!”


“This is one of those rare books that you want to keep on reading but at the same time don't - because you don't want it to end.”

"The Tyranny of This Book Is Absolute!"

“A wonderful ride!”

“Mark Jeffrey is a word-wizard among wordsmiths.”

“…the most creative content anyone could have possibly shoved into those two hundred and some odd pages.”

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