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Prisoner of Glass
By Mark Jeffrey

PRISONER OF GLASS, a new novel from Mark Jeffrey! 

It starts with a kiss from the Dolphin Queen ...

When the freakishly tall -- yet elegant -- Doctor Elspeth Lune is abducted from the airport, she awakens in the mysterious Glass Prison.

Location: Unknown. Reason: Unknown.

Odd things happen in this dark, circular facility - her severed pinkie grows back overnight and chess games end exactly the same way each time. To top it all off, Elspeth mysteriously finds herself assigned to cell block 1515: the exact same number as her ATM PIN and cell phone unlock code ...

But when she encounters the Order of the Black Dove and the Vizier, an inmate with an inordinate amount of power, she finds that she must crack the mystery of the Prison with even more urgency. Who built this — the NSA? Al-Qaeda? The New World Order? And why is she – and everyone else - here?

In the prison's central axis is the Panopticon, from within which the guards see all — and is undoubtedly where the answers lie ...


Author Mark Jeffrey

Author Mark Jeffrey

PRISONER OF GLASS is a Myst / The Prisoner / LOST sort of thing, a puzzle-world with lots of interlocking stories and characters, and grand philosophical debates mixed in with twists and adventure, of course!  I will release the first 30K - 40K words -- the 'pilot episode' -- for .99 cents.  This will comprise a full story that could stand alone, but will also kick off a much larger story.  If it 'gets legs', I'll release subsequent installments for .99 cents -  $2.99 (depending on length, place in the story, etc.).  Going to try this instead of doing a 180,000 word novel and releasing all at once -- I like the idea of a feedback loop while writing the larger story.  Also -- it's faster for you (no waiting!) and cheaper!  See what I did there?  Everyone wins! 

The MAX QUICK TRILOGY is now complete! 

Clocking in at 405,000 words total between the three books, that should keep you busy!

Get all three books TODAY (Scroll down ... )!


And when you're done with MAX QUICK, try the steampunk time-travel  romance AGE OF AETHER -- or the darker conspiracy thriller ARMAND PTOLEMY AND THE GOLDEN ALEPH!

Age of Aether
By Mark Jeffrey




A Junior Library Guild Selection, 2012  (Top 5%)
Maine Student Book Award Nominee, 2013
Ulysses Award Winner
School Library Journal Selection
2.5 Million downloads as a podcast audiobook


From Goodreads:
"This book was recommended to me ... I immediately ordered it from Amazon. I just finished this book because it was mind boggling. Every time I thought I had it figured out, a twist was thrown into the mix. I just handed it to one of boys who will talk it up as he is reading it to get others excited ..."

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"Loved it! It's so refreshing to see new ideas in children's science fiction. The plot is somewhat based on science, and the mini-societies and alliances that come into existence when time stops are exactly in line with human behavior. This book offers lots of fast-paced action and a solid plot for any sci fi lover, and I can't wait for the sequel!"

"Her favorite books? "Anne of Green Gables. Oh, and the 'Max Quick' (fantasy) books. I'm on the last one of those, so I'm kind of sad about that."
-- AP Syndicated Interview with Oscar Nominee Abigail Breslin

“Jeffrey’s descriptions of how time has stopped will stop readers in their own tracks. Plenty of action-adventure appeal.” - Booklist

“An imaginative addition to the middle-grade speculative adventure canon.”

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“This fast-paced adventure…will keep readers turning the pages. The incorporation of figures from Sumerian mythology adds an interesting element that may appeal to fans of Rick Riordan’s “Percy Jackson” series.”  -- School Library Journal 

“Riveting. The Pocket and the Pendant is not what you expect, no matter what you expect.” -- Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling author

"On March 14, at exactly 1:59 in the afternoon, the world stopped."  From that first sentence, THE POCKET AND THE PENDANT grabs you and barrels you along a story that's fantastic in every sense of the word. It's funny, exciting, and fascinating, with tantalizing dollops of historical detail interwoven in a highly modern sci-fi adventure. While it's riveting and complex, it's also a touching story of friendship and finding one's own capacity in a truly unexpected manner. A real treat."

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"By the time you finish reading the first installment of the Max Quick series, you realize how much care and effort was put into crafting the story. Not only are there smart and cool pseudo-scientific explanations for the craziness that goes on in the story, the book is also full of action and adventure that seems already fit for the silver screen.This fun and engaging story about the fateful day that time stops will keep you engrossed and in suspense until the very end, whether you're a kid or an adult."

"Max Quick has the answers to life's biggest questions.  The world stands still the moment you enter this book.  It's a fabulous, fleet-footed adventure story that goes by in a whoosh."  --Kirsten Miller, New York Times Bestselling Author of The Eternal Ones and the Kiki Strike series. 

"Max Quick leads the reader on a high-speed tour of ancient myths, alien kingdoms, and some books you can really throw yourself into.  Young fantasy fans will wish they, too, could spend a few days in the Pocket, with the pause button pressed on the world.  Terrific adventure at breakneck speed." -- Richard Newsome , author of The Billionaire's Curse

"A fresh, fun, fascinating idea deftly brought to life.  With all its deeply felt adventure, Max Quick should quickly captivate young readers." -- James Jennewein and Tom S. Parker, authors of the Runewarrior Trilogy 

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I love to do classroom Skype-ins ... all for free, I don’t charge anything (and I don’t see how authors think it’s cool to do that, actually) ... click CONTACT in the top menu to get in touch with me
— Mark Jeffrey

I've also just released my first non-fiction book about Bitcoin called BITCOIN EXPLAINED SIMPLY ... it's a subject that fascinates me, and with my technology and writing background, I figured I could explain some of the more complicated Bitcoin-related topics much rather simply than I've seen executed so far.  Yes, I went and done a 'business book' :)  But I really did try to keep this light and entertaining -- while being informative.  This is actually the book I wish I could have sent back in time about a year to my past-self.  It would have saved Future Me a lot of time! :)